Sunday, 8 July 2012

Colourful people

First of all, thanks everybody for your support. It is good to know that so many people like the project. Some people went a step further and submitted graphics and a translation. Many thanks, except it will be a while before it can be displayed in the game.
If you want to drop in and chat a bit, there is now an IRC channel #freerct at As it was recently created (and this is the first advertisement of its existence), it is still very quiet.

As a next step, I decided to add random colours, so different guests can have differently coloured cloths, shops and rides can be painted in different colours, etc.

At the game-side it was no too complicated, and the windows now have colour too (albeit a bit too intense, it needs further work). At the RCD data-file generation side, I wanted more than possible, so I spend two weeks Python code refactoring and extending to allow specifying random recolouring in a nice way (so much for an easy feature :D )

As usual, I have added a picture showing the new features, the windows have different colours (and there is a 'quit' window too!), and the pillar guests now appear in (almost) all colours of the rainbow.