Saturday, 29 December 2012

The most wanted feature ever...

It's been a long time coming, and due to message-loss (my fault) in the blog registration, has been implemented for a couple of weeks now.

The closebox is here!

Looks good, huh?

EDIT: As of r830, closebox sprite is now the proper colour.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mountains in FreeRCT

With shops, clicking on stuff and opening a window about it became useful. However, the mouse was always used for terraforming (changing the terrain), so that has to move to its own window first.

While at it, I decided to also add foundations (the vertical walls between the levels, and at the edge of the world).

In the picture an example of the result, at the bottom-left the terraform window, with the main part displaying the size of the area you modify (from a single corner-point to a 10x10 tile area).
You can either level the area (move the lowest parts up or the highest parts down), or move the entire area as-is (preserving the hills and holes within the area).

The other thing that got fixed is the connection of the shop with the path. The path is now extended towards the shop. In the air it was difficult to see whether it worked, so I added platforms under the paths and shops. It looked so great that I also added the supports as well.
It is starting to look very nice!

The code is still somewhat fragile, guests don't know about shops yet, and while preparing the above picture I found that path-building also sometimes gets confused.