Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It is slowly becoming useful to be able to communicate with the program by means of pressing buttons, and by reading messages.
We have opted for sprite-based windows, to allow for easier customization. That means tomorrow we can create themed windows just by changing the sprites used to draw the windows.

The code was not really ready for such sprites, nor was it ready for more than a single window. Much of the blitter code (the code that copies the actual pixels to the screen) was rewritten, and the windows updating and managing code was restructured to support several windows being displayed at the same time.

In the image you can see the first result. The blue bar is part of the window manager that I use. At the top-left inside the window, a brown-ish window panel (with nothing on it yet) is displayed by the FreeRCT program, and below it the viewport window with the flat world and the white tile cursor.

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