Friday, 9 November 2012

Place a shop

Yet another step in the right direction, this time placing a 1x1 shop in the world.

The window at the top allows selection of the 'rides' (only one exists at this time). Click 'select' at the bottom, and optionally rotate it, then move the cursor to where you want to place it, and click again.

The shop can be placed next to a path, or on the ground.

Lack of supports was always somewhat of a problem, and now it has become really useful to spend some time on it, as it is quite impossible to see where you put the shop.

Other issues that must be resolved are the fact that there is a gap in the path just before the shop, the path has to be extended to the front of the shop.
Also, when placing a shop at the ground, you lose the ground surface (you can see this near at the right back of the bottom shop). This is however not a big problem, it just needs a bit of shuffling of data in a voxel, so you can have a voxel with both a shop and ground surface.


  1. I have always loved RCT, and I love this project already.

    Only just seen this (thanks to Reddit of course) but really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Unfortunately I don't think I can help much as the most coding I've done is Draughts for my lab project... but if there's anything I can help with I always like learning new things.

    Keep up the great work :)

  2. As long as this project will continue progressing in the right direction i'll be following this!

  3. The gap is a feature, not a bug. It allows to see the support of the shop (the wood structure, the grass, or maybe, a custom structure instead of wood).

    One question: Do You will support half-transparent sprites? It could be useful for smoke (this shop has a chimmeney), It can be done with color translation tables. It you need help with this, ask me.

    1. It will need semi-transparent sprites at some point, as rides can go below the ground

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  5. RCT, my all-time favourite game! Great! :D

    In the meantime i'm playing corsixTH. *g*