Sunday, 29 December 2013

Moving coaster cars

Hello all,

If you are watching the YouTube FreeRCTGame channel, you know already, there is a new video.

It shows building of a small roller coaster, followed by a moving coaster car (at fixed speed, and not rotating along with the tracks). For some reason, the blog doesn't allow me to link to the video directly (thank you so much, smart user interface), so instead I post the url: I hope you like it.


  1. Looks brilliant, really impressive work. There must be a lot of maths driving that apparently simple movement!

  2. Thanks a lot for making this! I love all the roller coaster games and that you're making a "new" one is amazing! I hope this project becomes successful and that you make a great game. Thank you a lot for making this and I wish you all luck.

  3. BTW if you need Swedish translations I'd love to help

    1. You can find the base English strings here: in the en_GB_*.txt files

      Submit the translated files in the issue tracker

      Done! :D

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  5. Just found this: