Sunday, 8 July 2012

Colourful people

First of all, thanks everybody for your support. It is good to know that so many people like the project. Some people went a step further and submitted graphics and a translation. Many thanks, except it will be a while before it can be displayed in the game.
If you want to drop in and chat a bit, there is now an IRC channel #freerct at As it was recently created (and this is the first advertisement of its existence), it is still very quiet.

As a next step, I decided to add random colours, so different guests can have differently coloured cloths, shops and rides can be painted in different colours, etc.

At the game-side it was no too complicated, and the windows now have colour too (albeit a bit too intense, it needs further work). At the RCD data-file generation side, I wanted more than possible, so I spend two weeks Python code refactoring and extending to allow specifying random recolouring in a nice way (so much for an easy feature :D )

As usual, I have added a picture showing the new features, the windows have different colours (and there is a 'quit' window too!), and the pillar guests now appear in (almost) all colours of the rainbow.


  1. Hi Alberth, just to throw some ideas out there seeming I've been playing with the implementations, have you considered coloring a single peep with two colors (ie. Shirt/Pants). A lot of single objects in RCT have a primary and secondary color (tracks, flat rides, gardens).
    Also, your terrain does it support vertical faces. I've been doing a lot of rendering testing in IsoMatrix lately and its something that I've found important to consider as part of the rendering process fitting in with everything else.

    Great to see the update, hopefully have something to show you myself to bounce around ideas.


    1. Hi timfrombriz,

      I remap colours of all ranges afaik, so you can hussle the colour-ranges in any way you like. The RCD data file format however only supports 3 recolour mappings currently as it seems sufficient for now.

      The terrain does have a 'foundations' field, but so far it is never used. The foundation graphics are not even loaded I think.

      I recently added TextData, a block to store texts. Still pondering what to do with the strings I already have in the GUI, as it is a bit weird to have two string systems living next to each other.
      Another thing is the parameters in such text, such as names and amounts of money.