Sunday, 2 September 2012

Strings and translations

Translated texts
It has been a while, but another small step is made. In this case it's strings.

Remember that one of the aims was that different people could make parts of the game? A consequence of that decision is that every part must have its own strings.

The hard part was to find a way to have all these strings live together, such that you can combine strings from different parts without worries. A second puzzle was what to do with strings in the game windows. Eventually, this proved to be quite simple, see it as yet another part!!

While below the surface and in the build system, a lot has changed around strings (I completely removed the old gui string system), at the surface you don't see it. The windows are the same (including the missing closebox, I really should fix that one day). The layout is also the same as before. The only thing that's different is that you can now switch language (by changing a variable and recompiling the source code due to lack of a window for it). The screen shot proves it. Most strings are Dutch (spontaneously provided by Kenny), while some other strings are still English due to not having a Dutch translation.
(Please don't start sending in translations in your favourite language now, I appreciate the thought, but it will be a long time before they become useful, and quite likely strings I have now are obsolete by then. Better wait until the game is somewhat playable.)

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